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About Hallway Messages…What Are They?

Don't Jule Board


…an example of one kind of Hallway Message.

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Hallway Messages…

Transforming High School hallways into fundraisers…


What are Hallway Messages?

Hallway Messages are first and foremost a way for schools to earn revenue through displaying positive, inspiring or educational student focused messages in hallways which experience high student traffic. 

These unique messages are created in tandem with businesses interested in supporting their local schools and adminstrators of those schools who oversee every aspect of message content.

Their goal is to inspire and educate students in a way which celebrates good old American ingenuity while at the same time providing much needed revenue for schools.

I’ve heard it said that Hallway Messages are win – win. What exactly does that mean?

School hallways are underutilized. They represent a unique opportunity to be utilized in a meaningful and constructive way. Because they offer what is essentially a blank canvas that can be used to display media which can function as a significant fund raiser for the school. This win-win strategy benefits everyone!

The school and its staff are rewarded with additional funds. Funds that can be used to supply resources that would otherwise be unavailable. Students win by receiving positive or educational messages which may inspire them to accomplish goals they’ve never considered, or by learning concepts which help or protect them. Concepts which they may have ‘tuned out’ of from more traditional channels. Local businesses win by gaining the opportunity to partner with local educators and becoming part of the most vital community in their municipality. They benefit further from enhanced name recognition their brand receives via a small ‘sponsorship’ attribution on each message they sponsor.

Students, administration and local business all benefit equally from the enhanced communications opportunities that working together towards common goals provides

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